Boost coaches, advises and supports employees, leaders, teams and organizations in taking on challenges and becoming resilient in an engaged, self-managing and sustainable way in the often stressful, fast-changing, complex world of today.

Boost believes in the inherent strength and willingness of individuals, teams and organizations to grow and reach a higher level. A clear mission, transparent communication, trust and connection with their own (and organization) values are crucial in this process.

Boost listens thoroughly, questions, challenges, facilitates, brings people together.


Personal Coaching

A new environment, new expectations and challenges, obstacles in achieving important goals. Boost activates self-responsibility and self-growth.

Team coaching

1 + 1 = 2, but with a solid, effective cooperation based on trust, understanding and involvement you achieve more. What are the strengths and pitfalls of team members and of a team as a whole? How do they deal with these? What do they need to achieve flow and to adapt as an organic whole to changing circumstances and expectations? Boost closely works with the team to map the system and dynamics, to make expectations explicit and to stimulate real collaboration.

Boost facilitates workshops on personal and team effectiveness, communication, feed forward, ...

Agile Organisation

Boost applies the Growify-model developed by The Human Reef to introduce or improve agility in the organizational structure and leadership. Boost applies the ideas of Sociocracy 3.0, Managing 3.0, Society 3.0, ... to install an agile, resilient organization with self-organising teams.

HR Interim Management

In need for a temporary HR Manager? Boost offers flexible solutions to support your company in growth, organizational changes, need for development of HR processes, managing HR projects, coaching junior HR Professionals, ...

About Boost

Isabel, the driving force behind Boost, relies on a solid HR experience in (inter) national environments (services and industry): performance management, people development, change management, employee engagement, psychosocial well-being, social dialogue, compensation & benefits, organizational development and agile coaching ...

Based on the conviction that everyone should contribute to a sustainable world, Isabel regularly works as a volunteer at Toolbox vzw, a non-profit organization active in the area of management consulting for Belgian social-profit.

Continuous learning and growing is the motto: Certified Agile Coach (The Human Reef), Accredited Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation), Certified Organizational Ecologist (The Human Reef), Certified 7 Habits or Effective People Trainer (Franklin-Covey), Lean Trainer (Lean Management Institute), ...

For a detailed overview of her professional experience check her LinkedIn profile.

Contact me

Don't hesitate to contact me for an informal intake or to change ideas.